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Real Estate FAQs

How many homes should I look at before I make a purchasing decision?

Finding the right home takes time, and patience, especially in today's market!  It's not easy to find not only a home you love, but one that you can afford.  Don't waste time making the wrong offer, I specialize in helping you to make your offer rise above the rest, increasing your chances of closing on your new dream home!

Can you guarantee me a successful sale?

How do your fees work?

When I'm representing you as a buyer, there's no cost to you.  Fees are paid by the sellers, so rest assured we'll work together to find the right property for you.

When I represent you as a seller of real estate, you'll find my fees are competitive with the market, while providing exceptional service above what the typical realtor provides.  Contact me to learn more about my selling process.

Aren't all realtors the same?

A successful sale begins before you list your property.  I work with my sellers closely to evaluate the property before we ever put it on the market, ensuring that it's it top selling condition to get the best price in today's market.

Absolutely not!  Unfortunately, you don't find that out until you sign on the dotted line and commit to working with someone to buy or sell your real estate.  

Ask question like:

How long have you been a realtor?

What's your selling experience like?

Will you personally be working with me, or will you be assigning a junior partner to work with me?

Tell me how you negotiate the best possible price for me.

Tell me about the home inspection process and how you negotiate through that important step to get me to close of escrow.

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